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Work Hard, Eat Well: TripIt Reveals Profile of a 21st Century Road Warrior

SAN FRANCISCO July 26, 2011 TripIt Concur

Smartphones Rule, Apple is King

The vast majority of frequent travelers rely on smartphones: more than 96 percent said they own at least one smartphone and 23 percent own more than one. iPhone leads the pack at 66 percent, followed by Android (25 percent) and BlackBerry (17 percent).

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When asked how they use their smartphones, 96 percent of respondents named email as their top activity, followed by browsing the web (63 percent) and conducting business (54 percent). Social networking came in as the fourth most popular activity, according to 40 percent of respondents.

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When it comes to the tablet vs. e-reader wars, ownership is pretty close between iPad (51 percent) and Kindle (40 percent). But not for long: 35 percent said they plan to purchase an iPad, while only 15 percent plan to purchase a Kindle.

Time Spent on Business Trips, Dollars Spent on Leisure

More than half of survey participants travel seven or more times per year for business (53 percent) and only 14 percent travel that frequently for fun. When it comes to leisure travel, nearly one third of respondents travel once or twice annually (29 percent) and another third travel 3-4 times per year (32 percent).

$5,000 $5,000 $5 – 10,000 $10,000

Rewards Programs Work

An overwhelming 85 percent of respondents said they’re influenced by rewards programs when they book travel. Nearly half prefer to make their own travel arrangements (44 percent). And while 33 percent are required to use their company travel agency, another 15 percent are encouraged but not required.

"Allowing travelers to maintain their preferred booking habits is a cornerstone of TripIt’s technology, and we’re continuing to see interest and room in the marketplace for both self-booking sites and corporate travel arrangements among our users," said Brockway. "It’s all about giving travelers options and tools to help them before, during, and after their journey – regardless of where or how they book."

Travelers Share Trips with Those Who Need to Know Most

Depending on the nature of the trip, the majority of respondents share trips with family (77 percent) and colleagues (60 percent). Nearly one-third (27 percent) said they share trips with friends and 11 percent said they don’t share their trips with anyone. Of note, three out of four respondents were male and either married or cohabitating.

Food, Fitness and Entertainment: What Road Warriors Do for Fun

Despite their busy travel schedules, more than half of respondents chose culinary pursuits as their top leisure activity (51 percent). Other popular leisure activities include physical activities (exercise – 34 percent; outdoor activities – 24 percent), entertainment (30 percent each said reading and watching TV) and entertaining family and friends (25 percent).

Restaurants are a frequent activity for both business and pleasure, but respondents said they dine out more frequently on their own dime. More than 82 percent said they dine out at least four times per month for fun (compared to 51 percent on business trips) and nearly half of those same respondents are dining out eight times or more per month on their own dime.

21st Century Road Warrior At-a-Glance

In summary, here’s what a 21st century frequent traveler looks like according to TripIt users:

  • Smartphone-carrying traveler with a preference for Apple gadgets
  • $5 – 10,000
  • Keeps family and colleagues informed of travel plans
  • Spends down time on culinary pursuits and dines out at least 4-8 times per month


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