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World Smartphone & Tablet PC Market Potential Analyzed in New Topical Report Available at

Published: May, 2012
Pages: 77
Price: US$ 2,995.00

The research report offers a comprehensive guide to the global market for smartphones & tablet PCs, featuring:

  •     assessment of technology trends shaping the industry with impact and drivers;
  •     market assessment including Porter’s five force analysis of the smartphone and tablet PC market;
  •     geographic analysis of the overall market and market share by region including the Americas, the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa;
  •     market share analysis of the top players in the smartphone and tablet PC markets including the competitive landscape of the overall market;
  •     analysis of key business market dynamics – bargaining power of buyer, bargaining power of supplier, competition, and threat of substitute products;
  •     revenue and volume based forecasting for the overall smartphone and tablet PC market during 2011-2016, including revenues and forecasts of the individual components embedded in the products.

Report Contents:

1. Introduction

1.1. Executive Summary

2. Global Tablet PCs and Smartphones Market Overview

2.1. Market Overview
2.2. Current Top Products Review
2.3. Key IC Components Analysis
2.4. Mobile OS market share Analysis

3. Global Tablet PCs and Smartphones – Market Dynamics

3.1. Market Drivers
3.1.1. Deployment of New Wireless Standards including LTE
3.1.2. Prevalence of the Product Subsidization Model between Network Operators and Manufacturers Contributes to Higher Sales
3.1.3. Demand from Enterprise, Healthcare and Retail Markets for Tablet Computing Devices
3.1.4. Educational Market Demand for Tablet Computing Devices
3.1.5. Replacement of Desktop Computers with Tablet Devices
3.1.6. Increase in Sales of Wireless Connection Devices including WiFi Routers
3.1.7. Opportunity from Owners of both Smartphones and Tablet PCs
3.1.8. Rise in Mobile and Broadband Subscriptions
3.2. Market Restraints
3.2.1. Shortage of Supply Chain Components including Display and Mems
3.2.2. Drop in ASP of Phones and Tablets will Affect Profit Margins
3.2.3. Higher Smartphone Market Penetration Rates Dependent Directly on Availability of Efficient Mobile Networks and Affordability
3.2.4. US Smartphone Business Model will have a Negative Impact on Profits
3.2.5. Reduction in Product Cycles Challenges OEM
3.2.6. Sale of Legitimate White Box Products and Counterfeit Devices will affect Sales of Smartphones and Tablet PCs
3.3. Future Technology Trends
3.3.1. Increasing use of Combo Chips in Smartphones and Tablet PCs
3.3.2. Introduction of Products with Features (Pico Projectors and 3D Viewing)
3.3.3. NFC Embedded into Products to Contribute to the Trend of Mobile E-commerce

4. Global Tablet PCs and Smartphones Market – Porter’s Five Force Analysis

5. Global Tablet PCs and Smartphones Market – Sales Analysis and Forecasts, 2011 – 2016

5.1. Tablet PC Market, Sales Revenues and Forecasts, 2011 – 2016
5.2. Smartphone Market, Sales Revenues and Forecasts, 2011 – 2016

6. Global Tablet PCs and Smartphones Market – Component Analysis and Forecasts, 2011 – 2016

6.1. Application Processor
Application Processor, Smartphones and Tablet PCs, Sales Revenue
6.2. Baseband Processor
6.2.1. Tablet PCs
6.2.2. Smartphones
6.3. NAND Memory
6.3.1. Tablet PCs
6.3.2. Smartphones
6.4. DRAM Market
6.4.1. Tablet PCs
DRAM Market, Tablet PCs, Sales Revenue
6.4.2. Smartphones
DRAM Market, Smartphones, Sales Revenue
6.5. Display Market
6.5.1. Tablet PCs
Display Market, Tablet PCs, Sales Revenue
6.5.2. Smartphones
6.6. Touchscreen Market
6.6.1. Tablet PCs
6.6.2. Smartphones
6.7. Camera Market
6.7.1. Tablet PCs
6.7.2. Smartphones
6.8. User Interface and Sensors Market
6.8.1. Tablet PCs
6.8.2. Smartphones
6.9. Power Management IC Market
6.9.1. Tablet PCs
6.9.2. Smartphones
6.10. Connectivity IC Market
6.10.1. Tablet PCs
6.10.2. Smartphones
6.11. Battery Market
6.11.1. Tablet PCs
6.11.2. Smartphones

7. Global Tablet PCs and Smartphones Market – Geographic Analysis and Forecasts

8. Global Tablet PCs and Smartphones Market, Competitive Analysis, 2011

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