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World Video Games Market

NEW YORK July 27, 2011

World Video Games Market

Executive Summary

Key findings

EUR 52.1 billion EUR 51.9 billion

• The slight improvement (+0.4%) between 2010 and 2011 is explained by the dynamic performance of the market segments for online games and games for mobile phones, which is compensating for the decline in revenues from the home console games


• From 2012 on, the sector’s total revenues should see healthy growth once again (+5.3%),

reaching double digits in 2013 and 2014 with the commercial launch of new generation

home consoles.

• Seven key industry trends for 2011:

– Almost 40% of video game revenues is generated from digital distribution or income from online practices (item selling, etc.).

– 2012-2015: the advent of a new generation of home consoles. With the imminent release of Wii U next year, Nintendo’s competitors will clearly have to rethink their schedules for rolling out their next gen consoles.

– By end-2011, smartphones and handheld consoles will eventually converge, with the commercial launch of the Playstation Vita (PS Vita), available in two versions: with a wireless or 3G connection.

– Tablets: likely to take off in 2011-2012. A new device creating new usages within the digital home, the tablet provides an ideal interface for video games, now the most popular type of application on this device.

– Facebook, the most recent game platform to date! The social network has pursued its casual gaming endeavors, broadening the base of gamers and converting general consumers to video gaming. The gamble seems to have paid off, although only time will tell at what pace games will be exploited in this segment.

– The age of ubiquitous games: increasingly asynchronous access to the same game via several interoperable platforms. Gamers ultimately have just one centrallymanaged account, regardless of whether sessions are played on Facebook, a smartphone, developers’ websites or connected TV, etc.

– The emergence of games on connected TV: Onlive and Playcast Media are the most prominent companies to invest in games on this platform. However, this nascent segment is also drawing the interest of a wide number of Internet, TV and video game players, as well as ISPs, manufacturers of consumer electronics, smartphones and set-top-boxes, and telcos, etc.


The electronic version of this report (PDF) includes:

• a database (Excel)

• and a presentation (Powerpoint)

1. Executive Summary . 5

1.1. Sustained growth of video game software . 6

1.2. Seven key industry trends for 2011 .. 7

2. The home console segment . 11

2.1. Market trends: focusing on user feedback .. 11

2.2. Equipment: a period of transition . 12

2.3. Software: waiting for the next generation 14

3. The handheld console segment 16

3.1. Market trends: new equipment, new campaign, new challenges 16

3.2. Equipment: waiting for the PS Vita . 17

3.3. Software: new platforms, new games 19

4. The mobile phone segment . 20

4.1. Market trends: heading for a duopoly? . 20

4.2. Gamers and market: a rosy outlook 21

5. The computer games segment .. 23

5.1. Market trends for offline games: the end of an era . 23

5.2. Market trends for online games: heading for greater segmentation .. 23

5.3. Gamers and market: the potential confirmed 25

6. Methodology .. 27

List of Tables

Table 1: Worldwide video game software market by segment, 2011-2015 . 7

Table 2: World video game market: physical retail sales versus digital sales, 2011-2015 .. 7

Table 3: Commercial launch of the last generation of home consoles . 12

Table 4: Home console unit sales .. 12

Table 5: Expected launch dates for next gen home consoles .. 13

Table 6: Installed base of home consoles .. 13

Table 7: Home console hardware market .. 14

Table 8: Home console software units sold .. 14

Table 9: Home console software market . 15

Table 10: Home console digital video game market 15

Table 11: Commercial launch of last gen handheld consoles . 17

Table 12: Handheld console unit sales .. 17

Table 13: Installed base of handheld consoles (PSP series, DS series, GBA) .. 18

Table 14: Handheld console hardware market .. 18

Table 15 : Handheld console software units sold 19

Table 16 : Handheld software market .. 19

Table 17: Handheld console digital video game market 19

Table 18: App store revenues . 21

Table 19: Mobile gamers .. 22

Table 20: Annual ARPU for mobile games .. 22

Table 21: Mobile games market . 22

Table 22: Offline computer game software market .. 23

Table 23: Top 15 Facebook Publishers . 24

Table 24: Online gamers .. 25

Table 25: Yearly ARPU for online gamers 25

Table 26: Online video game market .. 26

List of Figures

Figure 1: World video game market, 2011-2015 . 6

Figure 2: Digital sales revenues/physical retail sales revenues .. 8

Figure 3: Number of app stores and Apple market share in the volume of downloads . 20

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