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Zinnov LLC releases a first-of-its-kind ‘Flexible Work Arrangements Modeler’

Houston, TX – The Woodlands, Zinnov Management Consulting, a leading management consulting firm, today announced the launch of a first-of-its-kind “Flexible Work Arrangements Modeler’, which is aimed at helping global organizations establish, tracking and periodically review the prescripts of Alternative Work Arrangements. The premise of the launched modeler reads that there is an increasing call across global organizations for flexible solutions such as work from home one day a week, part time, and even full remote work. It also reads that the idea of flexibility is undermined by some wrong notions and the launched modeler can help organizations evaluate the benefits of flexible work schedules for themselves. 
With the economic downturn and global organizations facing tough competition, there has been a paradigm shift in the new US workplace in terms of outlook. The focus now is on output as opposed to face time, control on work as opposed to total control over work and processes, empowering as opposed to delegating with the spotlight on innovation and inclusive work environment. Flexible work arrangements is a key HR strategy that helps organizations struggling to juggle growth, profitability, sustainability goals, diversity goals as well as maintain employee engagement. 
Zinnov’s ‘Flexible Work Arrangements Modeler’ is a tool for global organizations to assess and measure the effectiveness of implementing Flexible Work Options to their business model. It is also a framework that helps organizations quantify their dollar gains across each impact parameter and thereby estimate the gains of applying Flexible-Work-Arrangements (FWA) on their business model. 
Speaking about the Modeler, Mr. Vijay Swaminathan, Co-Founder & Managing Principal, Zinnov LLC said, “Flexible work schedules are alternative approaches towards work that include unorthodox work hours, locations and job profiles. Today, with the growth of new geographically disperse markets and ever-increasing competition it is imperative for companies to accelerate innovation and optimize productivity to stay ahead of the curve. To a large degree, this is determined by employee empowerment, motivation, satisfaction and retention. The new HR strategy of flexible work arrangements looks at maximizing employee engagement and thereby promoting innovation by affording flexibility in workplace.”
In order to make the most of flexible work solutions, it is essential for global organizations to estimate the effectiveness of this strategy across parameters and align it in accordance with their business model to derive greater value at an optimal cost. The FWA modeler is a framework for organizations to identify their parametric financial gain from implementing workplace flexibility. The web-based modeler, for instance, can quantify gains across parameters for every 1000 employee in an organization. The modeler is equipped with key metrics across parameters that fall under four broad impact areas, based on which a detailed analysis can be done namely, Employer Impact, Employee Impact, Environment Impact and Society Impact.
Zinnov’s ‘Flexible Work Arrangements Modeler’ (FWA) modeler helps to understand how the flexible work schedule is functioning in an organization. It is a self assessment framework for companies that when applied to organizational variables gives a precise view of the benefits of alternative work schedules and acts as a ready model for tracking savings from time to time by applying the relevant figures. The modeler helps in developing policies aligned to job categories suitable for FWA and also helps in drawing up schedules in keeping with client demands.
Last but not the least, the inferences drawn from the modeler help to determine whether flexible work hours, telecommuting, compressed work schedules or part-time would best serve the business model. 
To download the free whitepaper on “Flexible Workforce Business Case”, Please follow the link:
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